People I have worked with

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Just some of my satisfied clients..

Normie Rowe
Johnny Young
David Cazalet
The Beatle Boys
Buddy Holly show
Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and John Denver Show
Marty Rhone
Dean Bourne (Roy Orbison Show)
Lachy Doley
Sam Joole
Dusty Springfield Show
The Radiators
The Hitmen
Mental as Anything
Spy vs Spy
The Angels (incl 30th Anniversary Tour)
Mark Vincent
Black Label ( Lawless Breed)
Wild Women of Comedy
Don Walker
Ian Moss
Kevin Borich
Mal Eastick
Bondi Cigars
James Reyne
Tom Jones Show
Jimmy Little
Adrian Belew (X King Crimson, David Bowe, Talking Heads,etc...)
John Paul Young
Brian Manix
Tanya Kernigan
Ray Beadle
The Foreday Riders
The Neville's
Australian Played
Seattle Sound
Rattle and Hum
The Creedance show
Magic of Buble
Willey Nelson Show (Bruce Mccusty)
Elevation U2 show
Dirty Deeds ACDC Show
Highway to hell ACDC show
Bon Jovi Show
Robbie Show
Meatloaf Show
Inxs Show