Medium rig

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Suitable for full band gigs in pubs, clubs or even outdoors.

PA FOH (4000W)
2 x dbl 18 subs
2 x dbl 15 + 2" horns
Active 3 way digital processor
Presonus Digital console (Studiolive24)
5 x Beta 58 handhelds
5 x SM57 for instruments and guitars
Sennheiser E602 for kick
4 x JTS CX605 for snare and toms
2 x Sennhieser e614
DI's and stands as required
1 x 8 way 15m stage drop box

PA Monitors (400w each send)
4 powered sends from FOH ­
4 x 115 wedges 400w each send

Operator supplied
Price may vary depending on venue

8 led cans (Back)
4 par 56 cans ( Front)
LSC dmx console

Other Stuff
Up to 24 track digital audio recording available
2 x SLX Beta58 wireless systems available
A further 5 sends are available if you have your own in-­ear systems
More wedges and power amps are available
Lightshow upgrade available

All systems can be customised to suit your needs.